Thursday, September 8, 2011

September in the Black Hills is made for outdoor fun -- hiking, gardening, outdoor lounging and of course bbqing!  I am the q'er in our household.  It's just not something my hub is interested in doing so I happily play my part as CEO of the grill.  My grill is a charcoal Weber with the propane igniter.  Charcoal is a must and you just can't beat the taste.   Our igniter stopped working this year so... it's now just a charcoal grill.

Anywho, because I don't use a charcoal chimney (but I might now), I've never known how much charcoal to use and oops!  I always based it on the amount of food I was planning to grill.  Here's a great short video from the smart people at ChowHound that show you that it's really the grill size and not the amount of food that matters when determining how much charcoal to use.

Makes me think of grilling ribs tonight. As you can see, we have a huge BBQ fan in our family!

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