Monday, May 31, 2010

Okay, the BEST Gluten Free Pancakes!

Gluten free pancakes! After many, many attempts, the best gluten-soy-dairy free pancakes have emerged from our Spearfish kitchen.

Here's the skinny:

Start with the Gluten free flour mix here, pour a steaming, hot cup of rich coffee and do this:

1. Sift gluten free flour mix before measuring 1-1/2 cups of the mix
2. Then re-sift with 1 TSP salt, 3 TBL fine sugar and 1-1/4 TSP baking powder
3. In a separate bowl, slightly beat 2 room temp eggs with 3 TBL melted coconut oil (make sure it's cool), 1-1/4 cup rice milk (not too cold - better room temp)
4. Then mix the liquid into the dry ingredients with a whisk.
5. Use coconut oil to grease a frying pan or griddle between batches and make sure it's hot (a few drops of water dance on the surface = ready). Use an 1/8 cup measuring cup to make small, 3-inch cakes. Watch the heat - I usually flux between medium high (to start) to medium on my electric stove.
6. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar for oh so yummy pancakes.

I typically make two batches so I can freeze some for breakfasts during the week. They freeze great -- just lay them on parchment paper individually in the freezer.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Community Garden in the works in Spearfish

Every community needs a community garden and Spearfish is in the process of getting theirs. It's a grass roots effort being coordinated by Hills Horizon, a non-profit organization who "helps encourage the development of sustainable lifestyles through education, community interaction, and efficient design". There have been work parties getting the plot ready for summer and I was able to help on Saturday morning. This wasn't just some girlie weeding and planting! No, this was using this huge drill to dig post holes and carrying 6x6 and 4x4's up a hill prepping for a fence. I have the bruises to prove it! I love projects like this and the people who make them happen.

To get to the site, go east on Elgin Street past State Street. The garden is just east of the horseshoe courts. This is also the same (unnamed) park where the soon to be Spearfish Dog Park will be.

Hills Horizon also organizes the new Farmers Market in the Spearfish City Park which kicks off on Saturday morning, June 5. As well, they will be drawing for garden plots at the Hills Horizon Community Garden at 9:30 am. RSVP by phone, email, facebook, or face-to-face to get your name in the hat for a plot. Questions? call Josh at 645-1705.

Great things are happening in the local foods market in Spearfish!