Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Farmer in Chief -- Why our Presidential Candidates should be Talking about Food Security

This is quoted from the 10/9/08 article in the New York Times by the non-industrial based food advocate, Michael Pollin, The Farmer in Chief. It's an open letter written to our President-elect on the importance of food security.

Everyone should read this article. It will encourage readers to consider each food purchase carefully. I also think it will open up opportunities for local farmers and ranchers. The message here is that food IS a national security issue. If you do not have access to safe food for your family, what would you do?

"The American people are paying more attention to food today than they have in decades, worrying not only about its price but about its safety, its provenance and its healthfulness. There is a gathering sense among the public that the industrial-food system is broken. Markets for alternative kinds of food — organic, local, pasture-based, humane — are thriving as never before. All this suggests that a political constituency for change is building and not only on the left: lately, conservative voices have also been raised in support of reform. Writing of the movement back to local food economies, traditional foods (and family meals) and more sustainable farming." Michael Pollin

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Baby Bounty and Getting Back on Track

So here I am, back on track. This was my very small bounty picked from my garden before Spearfish got four inches of snow! This weekend I will be cleaning up the remains and see what survived. We were in the Los Altos, CA and I was re-energized in my quest to be a Black Hills Locavore. Of course, in the Bay Area, being a locavore would be much easier.
Today for lunch I made tacos. Corn tortillas from Dan Diego Tortillas, ground beef from the Butcher Shop, tomatoes and green onions from my garden (they made it through snow!), peppers I had frozen last year and a sweet onion from Gage's Garden. Oh and cheese, Romaine and ketchup from Safeway but overall a Locavore success!
We tried for a few weeks only purchasing organic milk and cream but it really hit the pocketbook at almost double the price of 'regular' milk. I need to do some research on the true benefits of organic dairy products. I get the idea but are the cows treated any more humanely? I don't know. Still need that local dairy option...
So we will try this again as I reflect back to my 'rules'.