Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Baby Bounty and Getting Back on Track

So here I am, back on track. This was my very small bounty picked from my garden before Spearfish got four inches of snow! This weekend I will be cleaning up the remains and see what survived. We were in the Los Altos, CA and I was re-energized in my quest to be a Black Hills Locavore. Of course, in the Bay Area, being a locavore would be much easier.
Today for lunch I made tacos. Corn tortillas from Dan Diego Tortillas, ground beef from the Butcher Shop, tomatoes and green onions from my garden (they made it through snow!), peppers I had frozen last year and a sweet onion from Gage's Garden. Oh and cheese, Romaine and ketchup from Safeway but overall a Locavore success!
We tried for a few weeks only purchasing organic milk and cream but it really hit the pocketbook at almost double the price of 'regular' milk. I need to do some research on the true benefits of organic dairy products. I get the idea but are the cows treated any more humanely? I don't know. Still need that local dairy option...
So we will try this again as I reflect back to my 'rules'.

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Jennifer said...

Great photo. Saw the news about the snowstorm. Yowsa !!!