Sunday, August 21, 2011

Being frugal can be fun!

Sometimes we just need some inspiration.

Today I read an article in the Rapid City Journal about a gal in Piedmont, SD that is kicking butt by being frugal.  Read: Not cheap.  Frugal = Smart.  Making decisions based on quality instead of quantity and not being a stuff hound.  I totally get this.  We've done the 'let's eat everything in the house for the month and not buy anything else' with minimal success or 'let's write down everything we spend on food' which lasts about four days.  The thought is there but the execution; not so much.

A few years back I took the challenge of the 'Eat on $25 for the week' from the food bank in Rapid City (it was around Thanksgiving and about what people on food stamps receive) and IMHO, it was a success.  I mean a success that I was resourceful, wise, healthy, learned a ton about myself and hello, lost a couple of pounds.  In the end, I felt thankful that I didn't have to do that all the time but I still reflect on that week and think about how creative I was (orange zest on salads is delicious!) and that it was fun.  I am not saying that being on food stamps would be fun.  What I am saying is that being frugal can be fun and we can all learn something about ourselves in the process.

So, today, I was inspired with my read about Little House on the Prairie Living and became a Facebook fan.  You can too here.  Sometimes we just need a little inspiration, don't we? Thanks Merissa!

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