Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is the First Lady a Locavore?

The topic of food continues to braise the halls of the White House and it's a good thing. A story today in New York Magazine talks about Michelle Obama wanting to serve natural food, or um, good food with less calories, I mean, local food or just 'clean' food. Whatever. It's all a bit confusing but she is on the right track and I applaud it. Now if they will just dig up the west lawn and put in a big kitchen garden...

From a locavore standpoint, she could help promote the benefits to health, local growers, environment etc about what is going on the plates for state dinners.

When she talks, people are really listening. I admit that I am very curious about her as a person and what she thinks. Side note: for the first time, we have a First Lady that I can totally relate to.

Another thought. I'd love to see a website that included menus from all big dinners hosted by the White House. Wouldn't that be interesting?

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