Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tonight is a night of Bliss!

How blissful! Tonight is a night of Bliss from the makers of Coconut Bliss which is by far the most delicious ice cream you will ever taste.

Since Jack is on a gluten / dairy / soy-free diet, we are always looking for food options. Now, I do make him a lot of things from scratch like pizza, muffins, lasagna and popsicles but it's always nice to find something that is ready to go. We were first introduced to Coconut Bliss at the Good Earth Natural Foods in downtown Spearfish.

The gang at Coconut Bliss is smart to use social media to keep in touch with their many fans. I found out about the Night of Bliss contest on Facebook and entered. And sa-weeet! I am one of the winners and the only winner from South Dakota :-) I received a box full of all sorts of goodies including free Coconut Bliss (coupons), fun toppings, a t-shirt and a cool handmade bowl.

Click here to see all the poetry entries. Here is the poem I entered:

Coconut Bliss is a delight
Here in the Black Hills
I sometimes finish the whole thing
It's what cures all my ills

South Dakota can see its share of snow
In fall and winter time
But my Naked Coconut Bliss
Keeps me warm and fine

So tonight our court is having a progressive dinner party and we are the first house so I am serving Coconut Bliss, champagne and lemon verbena infused vodka I made from my garden. Doesn't that sound like a perfect first course?

Check it out A Night of Bliss and do have a blissful day!

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Kiley said...

Kiley here from Coconut Bliss! I hope the dinner went well, I can't imagine anyone had complaints about your champagne and lemon verbena infused vodka! I have a friend who makes cordials and I'm going to suggest that one to her!

Anyways back on subject I can't wait to see the photo's, please feel free to add them to our facebook page or flickr pool!
Blissful Regards,