Saturday, October 24, 2009

Turkey Time

Fall is really in the air in the Black Hills and leaves are blowing everywhere. I love this time of year! It's time for turkey. Crisp, roasted turkey with mashed potatoes and spinach salad is on the menu for Sunday. Tom is in the refrigerator thawing out and I am considering the menu. It will be gluten / casein / soy free so everyone in the family can enjoy it. Simple is best when it comes to the turkey. The only thing special I like to do is add apples, onions and fresh herbs to the cavity (that get tossed) and herbs under the skin. I still have some fresh orange thyme from my garden so that will be the ticket.

Mashed potatoes will be done with olive oil instead of butter and hemp milk instead of cream. I'm infusing rosemary in the EVOO which adds a great flavor. A little roasted garlic too.

For the spinach salad, it's just fresh spinach and whatever I have available. Toasted pine nuts for sure.

Baked apples for dessert? Yes, I am ready for this pre-Thanksgiving feast!

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