Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food Not Lawns

What a great book I am reading! Food not lawns - How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community by H.C. Flores. I picked this book up at the Rapid City Library today and dove right in. Tons of great information. The author asks, "How can human beings thrive together, in peace and perpetuity, without destroying the ecology that we depend upon?" There are no easy answers to that question since it's up to each of us to 'design our own life' but, as the authors explains, it doesn't mean to don a loincloth and live on grub worms and roadkill, it's about finding your own niche and work toward a long and natural life. (This is very paraphrased but you get the idea).

How this applies to me is my own backyard garden. I was already planning to expand but I can take it a step further and share plants and seeds with others. So guess what everyone is getting for Christmas? A Black Hills Garden basket of seeds from this year's garden, dried herbs and herbal tea packets. I think I am on to something here!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and thank you very much for the library plug. We are always happy to hear that patrons are happy with the materials we have on our shelves.


The Rapid City Public Library

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can I get on your Christmas list? ;-)