Friday, July 3, 2009

First Local Produce in Spearfish!

Today really feels like summer in the Black Hills but not necessarily when you look at the sky. The sky is dark and it's in the 60's. What looks like summer is the fact that there is produce growing in lower valley! I went to the Farmers Market (next to Crow Peak Brewery) this morning to pick up local brown eggs and was delighted to find snow peas and chard. Just picked. I was also looking for honey which they only had in the big buckets but Faith at the market said she'll be pouring more soon.

Another nice development in Spearfish is the new Farmer's Market in the City Park on Saturday's at 8am. The first one happened last week. Here's how I understand it. You pay a 'one time' fee of $15 and then it's $10 for a 10 foot table. I can't wait to check it out tomorrow! I may also consider selling some herbs and some of the herbal tea I made from last years garden. Wouldn't it be cool if I had sun tea (made with my herbal tea) right there for people to try? Wonder if there is a opportunity to sell some of my gluten free creations? Will have more news after tomorrow.

I also picked up the new South Dakota Local Foods Directory produced by Dakota Rural Action which I plan to read cover to cover this weekend.

Yes, summer in the Black Hills is finally here!

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Jason's Blog said...

I love summer! Summer is finally here in Madison too!! Enjoy!