Thursday, May 7, 2009

Freezing and Defrosting in the Locavore Kitchen

The typical locavore is skilled and interested in all things having to do with growing and preserving food.  I fall into this category.  

Suddenly it is a necessity!  Our freezer in the garage blew a fuse and half of my hard work lay in defrosted disarray. So tonight, I move to action.  First, turning on SDPB Uncle Jim-o Jazz and pouring myself a glass of wine. Now, I can accomplish anything!!

I am a mad woman in the kitchen cooking everything that is in defrost mode. Fortunately everything was still cold but I had to toss out gallons of stock, broth and homemade soup.  (That was very sad). In my oven now are chicken breasts, a couple of Hutterite pot pies, some peppers I am roasting and something I am not EXACTLY sure what it is. It's some game bird that friends brought over which I did not (bad!) label.  I think it's a pheasant or maybe a grouse? Remember, this is South Dakota.  The 'wings' look like lobsters in a twisted way.  Anyway the critter is being roasted.

Ever being the optimist, it's a great time to clean out the freezer.  It's spring!  The nice thing is that I have herbs growing in the garden so while I on this mad cooking binge, I am thinking of all the quick meals I can now put together this next week.  

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