Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Eating

As I am reviewing the Eat on $25 Challenge I did right before Thanksgiving dinners I made, I am thinking that what I was eating (although not very flavorful) was very healthy. In fact, the whole experience really gave me a great kick start trying not to gorge myself over the holidays. The problem I am having is that we keep getting goodies from everyone! Fantastic cookies, candies, fudge, little bags of chocolate and marshmallows -- things I can normally pass by at work but struggle when I see them in my own refrigerator. I'd rather just throw it away but that is such a waste! Especially from what I learned from my challenge. And well, it's not very thoughtful for those who made it for us.

So at least for the next four days before Christmas, I am going to focus on eating whole foods and not like a whole pie or whole plate of cookies. Whole foods meaning that they are in their most natural form. Local foods in the Black Hills are scare at this point. At least local produce that is. Now I did freeze some things from the summer and still have squashes in the basement. Okay, I have the making of a few meals here. I'll try and have at least one local food in each dinner for the next four days.

Join me -- it will be fun!

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